ActiveLink PHP XML Package

ActiveLink PHP XML Package provides an easy interface to parse, read, modify, and output XML and XML documents. ActiveLink PHP XML Package is purely implemented in PHP and does not require any PHP XML extensions (including xml or domXML). Provided classes are: XML, XMLDocument, XMLBranch, XMLLeaf, RSS, Tag, Tree, Branch, Leaf, File.

XML helps developers store, manipulate, and serve data in their applications. To use XML in PHP you have to use a SAX parser (xml extension), or a DOM parser (domXML extension). Two major problems with these extensions are: (1) a lot of hosting providers do not enable them; (2) they are not pretty and intuitive. ActiveLink PHP XML Package is not based on either of those extensions and provides its own simple and intuitive interface to XML.

To obtain ActiveLink PHP XML Package please visit SourceForge project page. Please also visit the links page for more links and resources.

Quick 3-step Instructions:
1. Extract the downloaded archive in a directory where your scritps can access them.
2. In a script where you would like to use ActiveLink PHP XML Package:

// include a class-loading function from the directory where the archive was extracted

// import any class you'd like to use (similar to Java's imports)
// for example, to use XMLDocument class

3. That's it! No step 3! All dependencies are resolved automatically and you are free to use imported class(es). Logo
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